What is Ludum Dare?

Ludum Dare is an accelerated video game development competition that runs three times per year and has been doing so since 2002. In the competition you must, by yourself, make an entire game from scratch and submit it within 48 hours.

My Ludum Dare Games

Click on the button for each game to Play in Browser, Download Win/Mac Game, Download Unity3D Project, Watch Timelapse Videos, and read postmortems of lessons learned. The content is hosted on itch.io.

LD 43 - Blót

Theme: Sacrifices Must Be Made

In this game you need to please the gods by sacrificing wood and crop for the path to open. Thor will use thunder and lightning to ensure you don't drag your feet.

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LD 42 - Parking Spaces

Theme: Running Out Of Space

For this entry I only had 8 hours of development time due to being on a family vacation. Ironically enough it's the game that has received the best score in any Ludum Dare =) Check it out! I also released a remake of this game on Google Play so you can play it on android with better graphics and improved gameplay.

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LD 41 - Golf N´Grenades

Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

Golf N’ Grenades, made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 41 with the theme “Combine 2 Incompatible Genres” and I decided to combine golf with blowing up/dodging zombies. Play 9 holes at different levels of difficulty and see how few strikes you can do it in (or if you can in fact even complete all 9 holes without getting tackled by the zombies).

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LD 40 - Robby & Coppy

Theme: The More You Have The Worse It Is

For my 5th consecutive Ludum Dare I made a 2D platformer game. You are a robber that blew up the bank during the night but you used too much dynamite so the coins scattered across the level. You need to get as many coins as possible on each level and make your way to freedom. To fit the theme, the more coins you get the slower you will become so your greed to collect coins may be your downfall =)

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LD 39 - Robot Power

Theme: Running Out of Power

For the theme I decided to make a game where you play the character of a robot running (and flying) between floating islands to gather star fragments that were scattered following a supernova. Each level contains a star fragment that you need to collect before you return to the rocket that takes you to the next level. Once you’ve completed all the levels, increase the level of difficulty and try again. How far can you get?

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LD 38 - Planetary Remains

Theme: Small World

This was my 3rd Ludum Dare. It is a simpler game than my previous entries, but this was the biggest challenge yet. Why? Time… time… It was my wife’s birthday this weekend and I spent most of the weekend playing with the kids, getting birthday gifts, celebrating the birthday, riding motocross, and spending time with my family. When 10 hours remained of Ludum Dare 38 I had put about 5 hours into making the game. I finished the game a couple of minutes before the deadline. Total time spent on game, approx 15 hours.

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LD 37 - Space Junk

Theme: One Room

In this game an astronaut found himself in the space junk room (theme "one room"). The objective of the game is to keep the austronaut alive for as long as you can using ASDW/Arrows and SPACE. On this entry I spent roughly 20 hours out of the 48 possible.

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LD 36 - Ancient Tech to Return

Theme:Ancient Technology

Goal of the game is to collect Ancient Technology artifacts and give them to the guards that are standing in the way between you and the teleport that will bring you back to present time. Search through chests and remember where the artifacts are if you need them later.

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