The blog is being migrated and merged with multiple Imphenzia blogs so the format and content will be inconsistent for a while.

Evolution Released

Another sleepless night resulted in a new track called "Evolution". It's a very upbeat trance track with a very happy melody and I found the mood quite appropriate now with it being Christmas and all :) As you may have read on the main page it's a free track so the mp3-file (in very high quality) can be downloaded.

My next focus will be to try and get my music launched on Spotify.com. I have already contacted them but they are not quite ready for indie-artists yet but will hopefully launch an upload platform next year some time. I think that Spotify finally delivers a good platform that is perfect for both artists and listeners. Not only is the songs extremely accessible for fans and listeners, but the artists receive compensation from the adverts on free accounts and from the paying members. It's like radio on demand basically :)

Imphenzia Soundtrack - Game Preview

A video showing off of a two month alpha demo of the Xbox 360 game "Duality: ZF" is available on YouTube. I'm excited to announce that this game will be featuring an Imphenzia Soundtrack! You just can't get enough of the good old 2D-shooters and this one will surely not disappoint :) Read more about the game in the comment on youtube.

Working hard on new imphenzia sites

Just an update to say I've been working extremely hard on the new Imphenzia site structure the past week, probably put a good 40+ hours of development into the sites the past week and I hope to be able to make the results visible over the coming week :)

I've also added the blog to
bloggkartan.se :)

Imphenzia @ YouTube

Today I youtubed 'Imphenzia' as I do sometimes just out of curiosity and I'm always happy when I find contributions to spreading the word of Imphenzia.

This time around I came across two videos :)

Thanks and keep using music for your youtube videos and spread the word :)

Updated the soundtrack section

I've changed the terms and drastically reduced the licensing fees for non-exclusive tracks along with some cosmetic changes to the site. I received some really great feedback from the people at the Blitz community and it may take a few days getting the site just right - so all the comments and feedback is very welcome.

One comment was that I may have covered the site in a few too many google-ads, but this is my backup plan should nobody every license any of the tracks for their commercial projects :) If the section is successful I'll be able to reduce the ads on it.

Imphenzia Soundtrack Launched

I have launched a new section of Imphenzia called 'Imphenzia Soundtrack'. Creators of games, movies, videos, multimedia projects, films, commercials - or whatever(!) - will be able to find music for their projects here. There is both exclusive and non-exclusive tracks available for both commercial and free projects.

Have a look at the new section at http://soundtrack.imphenzia.com - it features the new '2008' look of the Imphenzia sites. Hope you liket it.