Current level of inspiration when it comes to composing music for Imphenzia Soundtrack is peaking at an all time high. Mainly because the soundtrack website has gone through such a huge transformation making it easy and enjoyable to add new content. Content which is easy to find and easy to browse through with the new interface and advanced filtering capabilities.

Inspiration is, in fact, so high that I am frustrated that I can't make an impulse purchase of Abynsth 5 from the Native Instruments website. There is an error in their shopping cart system and I emailed them about it yesterday but I haven't had a reply yet... Are they not keen to make a sale? The decision has also been made to buy the download version of Absynth rather than the boxed one (a dilemma that got the better of me the other day). My friend, who I believe may be the only person in the world that reads this blog, pointed out to me that having a box littering the room is quite useless. I agree so the download version it'll be.

So then, inspiration is peaking at an all time high - why aren't I making music right this very minute then? Well, my quick post yesterday mentioned that we've had a little addition to our family. I will, in all fairness, say that it's all gone exceptionally well so far. We're back at the house with both kids. The smallest one eats and sleeps all the time and neither of those activities involve me very much. The older one (a.k.a little Imphenzia), who is still only a year and ha half old, is so far dealing very well with a partial shift of attention and priorities in the home.

[caption id="attachment_295" align="aligncenter" width="620" caption="The Little Ones"]The Little ones[/caption]

Despite us all doing well, I've found myself to be too tired to make any music the past couple of evenings. Last night I just about had enough energy to slaughter some poor n00bs in Modern Warfare 2 before heading off to bed.