The blog is being migrated and merged with multiple Imphenzia blogs so the format and content will be inconsistent for a while.

New Imphenzia presence at YouTube

I have registered a new account at YouTube and THIS is the new Imphenzia Music Secion. I am creating 30-second previews of most of my tracks and using the "video response" feature to other popular trance videos. By creating two "channels" at YouTube, I release full length videos and these preview clips and I plan to keep adding to these channels whenever time allows me to. I use "Animoto" to create what could be classed as something between a video and a slide show and I'm quite impressed by their engine to quickly produce quite cool clips.

This is also part of my promotional drive to get Imphenzia more established in the trance world.

Imphenzia @ YouTube

Today I youtubed 'Imphenzia' as I do sometimes just out of curiosity and I'm always happy when I find contributions to spreading the word of Imphenzia.

This time around I came across two videos :)

Thanks and keep using music for your youtube videos and spread the word :)

Imphenzia on the web

Been preoccupied with work related stuff and a total remake of our racing site (www.nordicracing.net) the past week so not much Imphenzia related stuff to report yet.

The Nordic Racing site was created using Joomla 1.5.x - a great and free framework for creating websites with front- and back end. For anyone into wishing to develop a website quickly, I suggest having a look at this (www.joomla.org). The Nordic Racing site are using some really nifty (and also free) plugins, namely;

  • Expose Flash Gallery - have a look at the Gallery section of the site, it features this Flash-gallery and it does an amazing job at easily allowing you to create albums, upload images that is automatically resized to desired sizes and adds a copyright text if you wish. The gallery is really smooth with fades and it allows you to play a slideshow as well. The backend is easy to use and batch uploading and renaming images is a doddle.

  • Easy Guestbook - have a look at the simple Guestbook section - it features a simple guestbook with protection against spamming using captcha functionality.

  • YvComment - simple comment component allowing visitors to post comments to articles etc.

The rest of the contents on the Nordic Racing site is pretty much all included in Joomla. There are also plenty of templates to download and modify to save a tremendeous amount of time. Some people will object to using Joomla calling it "cheating" - but the way I see it - why reinvent the wheel if your main goal is to publish content?

I will, however, still develop the Imphenzia sites totally with my own code for a couple of reasons. First of all, Imphenzia sites feature more custom features than ready made components (e.g. registration, internet highscores, specific music features and purchase options etc.) and secondly because Imphenzia is my true passion and it deserves the attention to customize a site making it unique on the Internet =)

Finally, the title of this post is "Imphenzia on the web" - and it is because I oddly enough found a strange Youtube video with something I don't quite undestand... A Pokemon Wi-Fi battle? Maybe someone can explain to me what this is all about? I found it by Youtubing "Imphenzia" and it features my remix "The Fallen".