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New Trance: Mind Machine

I've been working hard to make a new track that is more DJ-friendly than most of my other tracks and the result is the recently released "Mind Machine". The main aim of my music have always been focused on the casual listener rather than a dance floor but I want to make sure I also cater for this market and hope to raise the awareness of some DJs about Imphenzia.

So, what's Mind Machine then? Over 7 minutes of progressively building trance with a central core of melodic and euphoric trance. The track has also been released through TuneCore which means that it will eventually appear on sites like iTunes, Napster and eMusic.

I hope you like this new release and please let your friends know about it =)

Working on new trance

Today I've been working on some new trance and creating some new trance drum banks. There are surprisingly few good drum kits out there for dedicated trance in my opinion and it's a bout time I created a new bank. I'll probably release the samples on the web site later.

 I have also uploaded all my tracks in the lossless FLAC format to Tunecore, but I haven't yet paid the fees (about $50) to publish the tracks onto iTunes etc. I am currently investigating how much exposure this will actually give me as I have a feeling that 'unknown' artists such as Imphenzia will never see the light of day on a site such as iTunes due to poor functionality for filtering and displaying music etc. I'll probably still test this method on the album Illusion just to see what the effect is.

Imphenzia @ TuneCore

Today I received an e-mail from a listener at Soundclick who mentioned TuneCore.com - a site that I've just signed up with Imphenzia. This will enable me to get tracks and albums into iTunes and similar sites so it'll be interesting to see if Imphenzia get get a footprint there. I have yet to create the albums and upload the tracks but I'll keep you posted. Thanks to Joel from the psy label psypneumatix for this tip!