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Godskitchen New Years Eve 2008

[caption id="attachment_84" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Girls at Godskitchen New Year Eve Party"]Girls at Godskitchen New Year Eve Party[/caption]I had the pleasure to visit the Godskitchen New Years Eve party at Münchenbryggeriet in southern Stockholm for a party presented by Monday Bar named Godskitchen & Polysexual New Years Eve. It featured DJs such as Simon Patterson, Mark Eteson, Russel G, Paul Thomas, Neil Navarra, Lucy Fur, Mark H, Fredrik Thernell, Christian Öhman.

It was great fun and gave me plenty of inspiration for new tracks that would be more suitable for the floor.

LFS and a few pints

Yesterday it was thursday and I was stuck doing some work but also racing the 'thursday race' in LFS as planned. I qualified 10th on the grid on A-division and had a good race until lap 12 when I flipped onto my roof and out of bounds in the chicane. My team mates in Nordic Racing Group (NRG) did alright although Nicke had a potential podium finish in 3rd place when he ran out of petrol in the last corner to finish 5th instead - what a shame.

Tonight I've been out in Stockholm for a few pints. We started off in the "Bull and Bear" pub and then I can't quite remember where we went, but it was a good night and I had quite a laugh with my mates.

Hopefully this weekend will allow me to work more on muisc, games and the new websites.