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State of Confusion remixed by Adraw

A while back I was approached by Adraw through Soundclick who expressed a request to remix State of Confusion. I'm always welcome to remixes so naturally I accepted the request. Some time went past where I didn't hear much about it but little did I know what was to come. The remix is now finished and will be released under Emona Records but you can already listen to the entire track on Adraw's Soundclick page for this remix.

To help promote this track, I've put together a preview video that you can watch as well:

Laxity - Alias [Imphenzia C64 Remix] update

Continued remixing the track now and progress is quite slow still due to these tempo issues. The duration is now about 2 minutes and at the end fading out with the original SID will the ideas is to introduce tempo change into a more trancey beat...  We'll see how things progress :)

Listen to progress so far: Laxity - Alias [Imphenzia C64 Remix]

I can definitely tell I'm back in 'real life work now' as I only find 30 minutes here and 45 minutes there to remix. Just when I get into it it's time to quit. It's 2:15 am now and I have to get up at 7:am... hmm, signing out!

C64 remixing continued

Today I spent another 3...4... (or was it 5?) hours remixing a C64 track and I've hit the world of freaky rythms as I can't get it to match up in the sequencer. If anyone of you reading this knows the ins and outs of music - please let me know what this rhythm is called and how to best set up beats and measures in sequencers to make it easy to work with :)

Imphenzia - C64 Remix

As you can hear, I want to keep the classic arpeggio chords in the background, old style but new... Maybe the remix will be finished during the week so I can post it on remix.kewd.org hopefully.

Tomorrow it's back to work unfortunately - my two weeks of holiday are up, argh.