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Promoting my sound effects page

In order to boost the probability of people finding my new sound effects page I have created a script that automatically generats static HTML-files for every sound effect in the library. The script also creates a simple main index page for containing links to all the individual HTML-files so that the engine crawlers can find the individual pages correctly. It will be interesintg to see if this generates any additional traffic.

Here is what the index page looks like: http://www.imphenzia.com/soundtrack/soundeffects.html (click on a sound effect to see the generated indivudual pages too).

New Splash Page

The new splash screen is now finished and operational, hope you like it! Note, you'll only see this if you are using a recent browser due to IE 6 and older (and maybe older versions of FireFox etc) will have huge problems rendering this page using quite modern transparent PNG files and CSS positioning. This whole browser compatibility thing is a nightmare to be honest so I'm not looking forward to it when redoing the music and games sites to follow the new look and design.

So what does it look like? Well, go to www.imphenzia.com and have a look if you have a modern browser - if you still see the white version, you'll need an upgrade.