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LFS Practice

Nordic Racing Group

Today has not been very Imphenzia-oriented due to other commitments. Been to work and the gym and practiced for the Live For Speed race on thursday (it's a new 'Thursday Race' season starting this week). I race for 'Nordic Racing Group' that is proudly sponsored by Imphenzia :) Now, however, I am creating a few copies of Illusion due to some recent orders so I'll ship them tomorrow. I see it's already past 1am as well, hopefully I'll get more time for Imphenzia tomorrow.

Web site '2K8' progress

Today I've spent a good few hours getting more comfortable with CSS and I must say it is a huge step forward compared to only using HTML as it is extremely easy to keep consistency in the design and position different elements. At the same time as I am learning CSS I am converting from ASP to PHP. I can produce ASP code much faster, but PHP has a much better array of commands and functions and is also widely used on both Linux and Windows web-hotels so you don't have to restrict yourself if it were to be necessary to move.

I have high hopes for the new web pages and it's fun to mess about with! Due to having many interests I am fortunate enough that my interest does a "round robin" and at the moment it's web design that I'm enjoying, a couple of weeks back it was all about music and releasing "Illusion" and in a week or two I'll probably be programming away with Performa Cars.