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Checking out music labels of today

I have recently finished a new track that so far remains unreleased. It is more club-oriented and DJ-friendly with longer intro and outro and it's been a long while since I contacted any labels but I am eager to check for interest so I can reach the audience of established DJs and services such as Spotify that currently don't accept material from independent artists.

I have just contacted trance labels such as Armada Music (Armin van Buurens label that also contains many sub labels), Could9Dance, Maelstrom Records, Yawa Recordings, Storm Music, Mondo Records, Vandit Digital and we'll see if I get any reply :) I also sent it to Ministry Of Sound but their inbox was full so the e-mail bounced - hopefully I will get further with the other labels, haha.

Imphenzia Digital Art

Past few days / nights I've been working on a photo site at SmugMug. You can have a look at it here:


Photography and digital art has been an interest of mine for some time, but making music and games has always taken priority. Now I've gathered enough images to launch a little gallery so feel free to drop by and maybe write some comments and give some thumbs up/down.

I have also started my new 'real life' job today as an 'Information Security Specialist' so I will have to put quite a lot of focus into settling into this new job.