The blog is being migrated and merged with multiple Imphenzia blogs so the format and content will be inconsistent for a while.

Working hard on new imphenzia sites

Just an update to say I've been working extremely hard on the new Imphenzia site structure the past week, probably put a good 40+ hours of development into the sites the past week and I hope to be able to make the results visible over the coming week :)

I've also added the blog to
bloggkartan.se :)

More development on new sites

Today I put yet another couple of hours into the new web sites and I am getting some inspiration from the look of this blog. The new sites will be quite modular and should feature some functionality that is shared between the music and the games section and I am quite excited about the whole project.

 I am also happy to say that I'm going for the commonly suggested method layout by best practice which is a max fixed width of 960 pixels that allows resizing down to a minimum of 760 pixels. This should look best in higher resolutions but also allow those with lower resolution to enjoy the site (I feel it is important not to neglect any of fellow fans!)

 There is nothing new to show and it will probably be quite a while until then, but I will continue to work on this when time allows.