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Web site '2K8' progress

Today I've spent a good few hours getting more comfortable with CSS and I must say it is a huge step forward compared to only using HTML as it is extremely easy to keep consistency in the design and position different elements. At the same time as I am learning CSS I am converting from ASP to PHP. I can produce ASP code much faster, but PHP has a much better array of commands and functions and is also widely used on both Linux and Windows web-hotels so you don't have to restrict yourself if it were to be necessary to move.

I have high hopes for the new web pages and it's fun to mess about with! Due to having many interests I am fortunate enough that my interest does a "round robin" and at the moment it's web design that I'm enjoying, a couple of weeks back it was all about music and releasing "Illusion" and in a week or two I'll probably be programming away with Performa Cars.

Thoughts about fixed width vs. liquid layout

I'm in the process of planning the new Music and Games sites and I am currently batteling whether to use "fixed width" rather than "liquid layout" on the site. Today I use liquid as you can see the content adjusting automatically to the width of the browser window, but you can achieve better design (in my opinion) and also better readability with fixed width of the page. Statistics from a 2006 (yes I know, old info) show that about 60% are using a resolution of 1024x768 and up and only about 17% use the resolution 800x600. I would like to use a width of 960 pixels of the new web sites. I may do some testing with what I feel may be the optimal solution, that is a maximum width of 960 pixels but a fluid layout to accomodate for users still using lower resolutions. More on this topic later.