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Laxity - Alias [Imphenzia C64 Remix] update

Continued remixing the track now and progress is quite slow still due to these tempo issues. The duration is now about 2 minutes and at the end fading out with the original SID will the ideas is to introduce tempo change into a more trancey beat...  We'll see how things progress :)

Listen to progress so far: Laxity - Alias [Imphenzia C64 Remix]

I can definitely tell I'm back in 'real life work now' as I only find 30 minutes here and 45 minutes there to remix. Just when I get into it it's time to quit. It's 2:15 am now and I have to get up at 7:am... hmm, signing out!

C64 remixing continued

Today I spent another 3...4... (or was it 5?) hours remixing a C64 track and I've hit the world of freaky rythms as I can't get it to match up in the sequencer. If anyone of you reading this knows the ins and outs of music - please let me know what this rhythm is called and how to best set up beats and measures in sequencers to make it easy to work with :)

Imphenzia - C64 Remix

As you can hear, I want to keep the classic arpeggio chords in the background, old style but new... Maybe the remix will be finished during the week so I can post it on remix.kewd.org hopefully.

Tomorrow it's back to work unfortunately - my two weeks of holiday are up, argh.