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New Site for AstroFighter.net

Just a very quick note to say that the game AstroFighter.net has a new dedicated web site where you can follow the development.


Kickstarter Disappointment

Last night I found kickstarter.com through a Twitter post. I visited the site and fell in love with their idea. At Kickstarter you can register a project that in turn is funded by fans. Any funding put into a project will be rewarded based on how much you pledge.

An amazing success story unfolded before my eyes. The project Double Fine Adventure launched a quest to raise $400'000 to create a fan funded click and point adventure. When I first had a peak they had already pledged $250'000. Amazing.

Less than 24 hours before the project launch they have surpassed their goal and they are now closing in on $1'000'000. Even more amazing. I love a good success story, and I also love click and point adventures.

Today I spawned the idea that maybe I can fund further development on my game Astrofighter.net this way. Making music and developing game is what I am passionate about and it could give me the opportunity to dedicate 4 months which is what I estimate is needed to complete the game.

After some mental exercises of how to plan and present the project - I went back to Kickstarter to fund the Double Fine Adventure game. I was first a bit disappointed that they didn't support PayPal payments, only Amazon payments. I guess I could live with that.

Then... disaster...

I also found out that only US residents can start a project at Kickstarter. Apparently it is because they are forced to use Amazon payments due to lacking features in Paypal to support their payment and refund process. Regardless of what the cause is, I am truly disappointed as this means it's a no-go for Astrofighter.net =(

Oh well. Better to have a dream and lose it than not to dream at all I guess.


First week of "normal" work following my paternity leave is now in the past and I am enjoying a very welcome weekend.

Motocross practice at Uringe

Today I spent a few hours at Uringe, a great sand track south of Stockholm, where I tried to improve my motocross skills. It went fairly well with only one minor crash but plenty of fun. Bike collected some sand as you can see in the picture below - quite easy to clean with the pressure washer though....

Making Exlusive Music for Three Games

I've also recently had requests to create exclusive music for three different games. Two games for the mobile platform (Android + iPhone) and one game is aimed at computers and consoles.

Quite exciting because the music needed is of very different genres and it's a lot of fun to let the creativity take over and see where it leads.


As for Astrofighter.Net I've managed to make slight progress here as well. I've imported the low poly ship versions into Unity and I'm currently placing all the thruster and weapon mount points. Next will be texture mapping the ships and adding script code for the remaining weapon types.

The ships of Astrofighter.Net

Today was my first day back in my "normal" job as an IT Security Consultant and I'm coming back from a 7 month long paternity leave. It is with mixed emotions that I return because I've really enjoyed spending the time with my family and it has also enabled me to focus a lot on Imphenzia Music/Soundtrack/Games. But then again, you have to earn a living...

Anyway, I've finished creating the 8 types of spaceships to be featured in the game ranging from a light scout to a heavily armored and well equiped beast. The 7 weapon types I'm considering for the game is Blaster, Cannon (Gatling Gun), Plasma Gun, Rail Gun, Laser, Missile Launcher, and Mortar. Here is a preview video:

More prototype ships and weapons

Today I modeled the 8th spaceship and all the weapons. I created a low poly and a high poly version of each weapon so I can render "Normal" maps (bump maps) making the weapons appear to have a lot more polygons than they really do. I'll be doing the same for the spaceships as well.

Of course, the ships won't look like this in the game. These are just colored wireframe renders of all the prototype ships in low detail.

Top down view as they will be seen in the game (click for high res picture)

Here is a perspective view of the spaceships as well:

Finally, here is a detailed look at the weapons I created today:

Texturemapping these objects will take a lot longer than it took to model them. Each ship only took about 15-20 minutes each and the weapons took about the same amount of time. I can imagine it will take me a few hours to make the texture maps for each object though, ugh.

2:31am - I'm off.

Astrofighter.Net - low poly spaceships

Low Polygon Spaceships for Astrofighter.Net

Today I took a break from programming and decided to make some low polygon spaceships for the game. I don't have a lot of modelling experience but it's a lot of fun to let the imagination take over.  Here are the 7 ship models I've come up with so far:

When I create these models, I just start with a normal box, about 4x2x1 meters. Then I just extrude, extrude, extrude the faces in different directions to create the wings, the engines, the cockpit, and so forth. In addition to extruding I also move the vertices to create angles, but that's pretty much it. I use the "Symmetry" modifier in 3DS Max so I only have to model one side of the ship.

These models are very primitive, as you see, but for my top down view I think they will be quite sufficient. They will need texture mapping, normal mapping, and specular mapping as well which should make them quite decent.

I did 5 of these models tonight, the other 2 I created previously. A model of this low detail takes me around 15 minutes or so to create.

Off to bed now... I'll have to do some thinking as I'm considering two paths ahead for the game:

Should all the ships be quite similar in character but have small variations in terms of speed, armor, energy, weapon capabilities...

... or ...

Should the ships be very different in character making a defender ship slow and heavily armored with loads of weapons where as a scout is on the other end of the range being really light, fast, with low armor and weaker weapons...

Comments please - what do you think? =)