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New Trance: Mind Machine

I've been working hard to make a new track that is more DJ-friendly than most of my other tracks and the result is the recently released "Mind Machine". The main aim of my music have always been focused on the casual listener rather than a dance floor but I want to make sure I also cater for this market and hope to raise the awareness of some DJs about Imphenzia.

So, what's Mind Machine then? Over 7 minutes of progressively building trance with a central core of melodic and euphoric trance. The track has also been released through TuneCore which means that it will eventually appear on sites like iTunes, Napster and eMusic.

I hope you like this new release and please let your friends know about it =)

Checking out music labels of today

I have recently finished a new track that so far remains unreleased. It is more club-oriented and DJ-friendly with longer intro and outro and it's been a long while since I contacted any labels but I am eager to check for interest so I can reach the audience of established DJs and services such as Spotify that currently don't accept material from independent artists.

I have just contacted trance labels such as Armada Music (Armin van Buurens label that also contains many sub labels), Could9Dance, Maelstrom Records, Yawa Recordings, Storm Music, Mondo Records, Vandit Digital and we'll see if I get any reply :) I also sent it to Ministry Of Sound but their inbox was full so the e-mail bounced - hopefully I will get further with the other labels, haha.