Today I modeled the 8th spaceship and all the weapons. I created a low poly and a high poly version of each weapon so I can render "Normal" maps (bump maps) making the weapons appear to have a lot more polygons than they really do. I'll be doing the same for the spaceships as well.

Of course, the ships won't look like this in the game. These are just colored wireframe renders of all the prototype ships in low detail.

Top down view as they will be seen in the game (click for high res picture)

Here is a perspective view of the spaceships as well:

Finally, here is a detailed look at the weapons I created today:

Texturemapping these objects will take a lot longer than it took to model them. Each ship only took about 15-20 minutes each and the weapons took about the same amount of time. I can imagine it will take me a few hours to make the texture maps for each object though, ugh.

2:31am - I'm off.