Finally, after months and months of clearing out the garage (it is incredible how much junk accumulates over 10 years), I have started to build the sound absorbing recording room. The sound room will finally enable me to record source material with as little reverb as possible and I've been putting off a lot of recording until I could finish this room.

[caption id="attachment_349" align="alignleft" width="200"]Sound Curtain Sound Curtain[/caption]

I'm making the room as a capsule in my garage with 120x45mm studs and joists. I will put double layer of plaster boards on the outsides and then fill the gaps with 120mm sound-absorbing insulation.

[caption id="attachment_350" align="alignright" width="200"]Sound Foam Sound Foam[/caption]

I won't put any plasterboard on the inside walls because I want the sound to absorb right into the insulation but I will also be coating the inside with sound absorbing curtains and 80mm sound foam. That should keep the reverb to a minimum and my neighbors happy =)

[caption id="attachment_355" align="alignright" width="300"]Wood Yard Wood Yard[/caption]

This morning I drove up to the local wood yard and bought wood for the frame. I ended up getting 22x4.5m 120x95mm and 10x3.0m 120x95mm beams. Managed to negotiate a 23% discount which I was happy about. They also served free coffee!

[caption id="attachment_356" align="alignleft" width="300"]Child Labor Child Labor[/caption]

Two of my kids came out to help me screwing down some foam on the wood beams that would be facing down - this is to prevent any moisture from creeping up into the framework and also to give a good seal to the floor if there are any uneven areas. The title of the picture is wrong, I don't think it can be classed as child labor because I didn't pay them anything =)

[caption id="attachment_361" align="alignleft" width="300"]Base Corners Base Corners[/caption]My kids quickly abandoned me to watch Pippi Longstocking instead and I moved ahead by screwing together the base frame. I use L-plates on the insides and two long 180mm screws for additional strength. This will be laying on the floor anyway so it's not all that important.

[caption id="attachment_363" align="alignright" width="300"]Base Done Base Done[/caption]Base was done fairly rapidly, so far so good. Now my wife and kids wanted to go for a "fika" (coffee/drink and cake) so we drove off for a couple of hours. I had coffee and a danish, well worth a 1.5 hour return trip drive on icy roads? Well, the company was great and the kids had pancakes.

Darkness fell (sun goes down early here during the winter) and I moved ahead and built another identical frame (without the foam) to go on top. I also cut the vertical studs to length. While doing this I listened to Skeptics Guide to the Universe which is a great science and critical thinking podcast that's been running for 10 years now (500 episodes) - I can highly recommend the podcast.

[caption id="attachment_368" align="alignright" width="300"]Spectator Spectator[/caption]Another spectator, my 7-month old daughter, showed up for a while too. She refused to help me even the slightest little bit but she gave off some sounds that I was unable to determine if it was in favor of my construction work or not. When the room is finished she'll be put in it so I can record a lot of baby sounds anyway so she'll come to some use after all!

[caption id="attachment_369" align="alignleft" width="300"]Today's Progress Today's Progress[/caption]This is where I'm up to after today. The framework is coming along nicely and I'll be putting plasterboards up where I've put up the studs because I then need to push the whole contraption into the corner hoping it's not too heavy by then. I'll get there somehow and I can't wait to finally finish off the recording room so I can get cracking with the backlog of sounds I've been writing down for the past months.

IMG_9142The rest of the garage is still a mess but when the room is finished I should be able to get that in decent order too. Tomorrow I have to go to my normal day-job but hopefully I'll have some energy to keep on building in the evenings now that I'm finally off to a good start.