I've been occupied with fixing up my Yamaha WR250F for the upcoming race, Ränneslättsloppet, on Saturday:

  • New oil and oil filter

  • New air filter with NoToil air filter oil

  • Changed to the enduro tires I also used on Stångebroloppet in July (with new inner tubes)

  • Fitted the coolant reservoir again (engine it runs hot in races like these ones, three hours of slow movement isn't great for the engine that relies on fast flowing air through the radiator)

  • Fitted new hand guards

  • Removed the indicators and number license plate

  • Fitted the race numbers

Here's are some clips from the 2008 year edition of Ränneslättsloppet... Let's hope it isn't too wet this year =)

What about Astrofighter.Net then?

I've also been working on Astrofighter.Net during the past couple of days but most of my work has been shuffling around boxes in Visio to try to get the menu flow and GUI design in order. Even thought this is a fairly small game I want to make sure that the lobby screen, ship selection, hosting options, etc. is very easy to understand. I hope it's worth the time spent on getting it right =)

I'm also looking forward to Unity 3.5 which is scheduled to be released in late 2011. The conference "Unite 11" which is currently being held demonstrated some of the new features and I found quite a lot of useful information in this blog post.

Even though there are some really visually impressive features coming in Unity 3.5, I am looking forward to the new GUI / UI very much. I don't particularly like the limitations of the GUI in the current version of Unity and it would really make things easier if the new GUI Editor is available before I have to have a go at making the final menu system for Astrofighter.Net.