UPDATE: This track has been removed from SoundCloud - you can still get it from http://music.imphenzia.com.

Time now for something very different in the Imphenzia 1 track per day release marathon. As Life Unfolds is the 15th track and it is unlike anything else I've released. I’ll release one of my track day by day and write some history about it. You may want to download the track asap as they stay online for about a week.

If you like my music, if you want to support it, and if you don’t want to wait for the entire marathon to finish – you can download all my music as MP3 and FLAC files from http://music.imphenzia.com for what you think it is worth ($2 – $50) – there are 109 tracks to grab =)

As Life Unfolds is a piano song with orchestral strings, brass, and wood instruments. Normally I've only released this type of stuff under "Imphenzia Soundtrack" where I make music for independent game developers, but this time I decided to release it as Imphenzia as well. Again, that's the great thing about being independent - I decide what and what not to release with total freedom. The way I figure it is that if some fans of my electronic music doesn't like this then they can just decide not to listen to it. I released this track 16th March 2012 but it was composed in December 2011.

At the core of this track is a piano melody that I came up with when playing on my Roland FP7 stage piano. I added the orchestral instruments from my SoundsOnline East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold Library. Some emotional movie style music is probably the best fit and personally I particularly like the string runs that are introduced 1:50. The original project name was "December Snow" but I decided to rename it to As Life Unfolds as I see my kids developing and before no time they'll be my age and I'll become a distant memory. The decisions we make, and the way we raise or children, will be important factors determining how our lives will unfold and I think of this every time I listen to this song.

I've also made a solo piano version that I'll be releasing later on in this marathon.

I hope you are all having a great Christmas and if you listen to As Life Unfolds spare a thought to focus on what is important to you and follow your passion and dreams!

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