Low Polygon Spaceships for Astrofighter.Net

Today I took a break from programming and decided to make some low polygon spaceships for the game. I don't have a lot of modelling experience but it's a lot of fun to let the imagination take over.  Here are the 7 ship models I've come up with so far:

When I create these models, I just start with a normal box, about 4x2x1 meters. Then I just extrude, extrude, extrude the faces in different directions to create the wings, the engines, the cockpit, and so forth. In addition to extruding I also move the vertices to create angles, but that's pretty much it. I use the "Symmetry" modifier in 3DS Max so I only have to model one side of the ship.

These models are very primitive, as you see, but for my top down view I think they will be quite sufficient. They will need texture mapping, normal mapping, and specular mapping as well which should make them quite decent.

I did 5 of these models tonight, the other 2 I created previously. A model of this low detail takes me around 15 minutes or so to create.

Off to bed now... I'll have to do some thinking as I'm considering two paths ahead for the game:

Should all the ships be quite similar in character but have small variations in terms of speed, armor, energy, weapon capabilities...

... or ...

Should the ships be very different in character making a defender ship slow and heavily armored with loads of weapons where as a scout is on the other end of the range being really light, fast, with low armor and weaker weapons...

Comments please - what do you think? =)