The goal that I set in my post yesterday was to finish off the Once Upon a Platform level kit variations and release it.

It's now 1:55 am and I have just finished the task. It wasn't easy because I spent much of the day with my son (I am on paternity leave) and once he was in bed I watched a movie (True Grit) with my wife.

So what did I accomplish today?

I composed the following short pieces of music (in addition to the loops I composed yesterday):

  • Game Over loop

  • Menu Music loop

  • Boss music loop

  • Life Lost music hit

  • Get Ready music hit

  • Stage Completed music hit

I then down-mixed and mastered all 13 variations where 10 variations are seamless loops that have to be cropped (thank heaven for my seamless loop cropping script =).

Once all the mastered audio files were in place I watermarked the 13 tracks and created OGG and MP3-previews for my site. Then, of course, I encoded the audio files that you get in the license mail which is WAV, OGG 128kbps, OGG 64kbps, and MP3 190kbps versions for each variation. While uploading all the newly encoded files I also entered all the details, keywords, descriptions and meta data about each variation into the database.

All in all I am very pleased with my effort today and to finish it off I also had a few moments to spare to create a news slider for Once Upon a Platform. It uses some graphics from my friend Kenny Lex (thanks mate =)

[caption id="attachment_273" align="aligncenter" width="620" caption="Once Upon a Platform - News Slider"]Once Upon a Platform - News Slider[/caption]

What next?

I'm truly enjoying making music at the moment and Imphenzia Sountrack allows me to vary the music genres a lot. The other day I was making orchestral battle music, today it was retro styled arcade music, so I'll flip my 9-sided coin tomorrow and see what the next genre will be. Any requests??