I went to town today because I had to do three things. 1) Eat lunch with a mate of mine, 2) go to 24MX and buy a new front brake disc for my motocross bike and get a missing mount for the hand guards for my enduro bike, and 3) get a new toilet seat from Bauhaus. I had enough time for 1) and then I had to go back to pick up my son from daycare...

See it's not that sharp

I'm switching to C Sharp (C#) from Javascript (JS) in Unity3D and it's slowing me down at the moment. I'm switching because I kept being told that C# is so much better - but so far my experience is that you just have to write more code and find workarounds for stuff =) Still, I gather I'll find use of C# knowledge so I'll persevere. It'll also help me from snarfing code because most code is Javascript and if I manually convert it to C# I can understand it better... and improve it?

The bottom line is that I haven't managed to get very far today on my Space fighter project today. I've got my ship flying around with mouse and keyboard control, I can fire an animated blaster canon, and I found out the Dynamic collision detection in Unity can't really be trusted. Oddly enough the bullets collides with obstacles all the time, perfectly, in the editor - but not in the compiled version? I decided not to troubleshoot it any further because I use fast moving bullets and from what I gather I should be using raycasting instead so that's something I'll look deeper into tomorrow.

I nearly bought Harmor

[caption id="attachment_420" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Harmor VST - doesn't like 64 bit hosts"][/caption]

No, not armor. Harmor is an awesome sounding additive / subtractive synthersizer VST instrument. I mate of mine told me about it today and I downloaded the demo just to find out it's a 32bit VST instrument and I run Cubase 5.5.3 x64 (64 bit). Harmon crashes Cubase for me after only a few minutes of use, gah.

Well, before buying Harmon - I thought I'd contact Image-Line (developer of Harmon) and ask them about their plugin crashing in Cubase. Image-Line support have no contact details on their web page and they direct all technical inquiries to their technical support forum.... Well, their technical support forum only appears to be supporting "FL Studio" because after registering in their forum I found out I have no authorization to post any questions in their support forum (which is also titled "FL Technical Support".)

I then found out that VST Bridge (the component that keeps crashing in Cubase when i use 32 bit plugins) is not to be trusted if I go by what forum users at Steinberg say. Instead there is a suggestion to either downgrade to 32bit Cubase (which I don't want to do because I have 24 GB Ram for my orchestral libraries and 32 bit Cubase would allow me to use about 3 GB of that memory at best), or use JBridge (or Bitbridge that I never found anywhere.)

[caption id="attachment_421" align="alignright" width="300" caption="jBridge"][/caption]

I downloaded the demo version of JBridge and it took me a few launches of the installer to figure out what to do, but I found a simple step by step instruction and using that the installation worked great.

Harmor seems more stable using JBridge, but it's not hassle free their either. Quite a few times during half an hour of use Cubase froze, the Harmor GUI turned white with nothing in it, but I found some features I could enable in JBridge that seems to have combated most of the issues. Just as I write this I get "IL Harmor.dll - Forcing auxhost termination due to an error. Dispatcher: 19; Audiomaster: 15" - and IL Harmor turned bright white again. Now I got "Dispatcher opcode 19 failed (IL Harmor (demo)/1229483375)." -but wait - I saw something in the help for that...  I have to enabled "I am getting a dispatcher opcode 19 error message" - great, I love it when I know what's happening.

Well, I'm not convinced JBrige will solve any stability issues - I just seem to get other types of stability issues.



  • I nearly bought the front brake disk and hand guard mount (but time ran out)

  • I nearly bought the toilet seat (but time ran out)

  • I nearly made some progress in Unity (but C# & buggy collision detection stopped  me)

  • I nearly bought the Harmor  VST (but it's 32bit and buggy)

  • I nearly contacted Image-Line support (but you can't)

  • I nearly bought JBridge (but it just changes the bugs around)

  • I nearly went to bed in time, but now it's 3:12AM