Today I was also contacted through my ImphenziaGames YouTube-account by a couple of guys who play a game called Subspace.

I wasn't aware of this game although I now understand 1) it's been around for a long time, and 2) it's a 2D multiplayer space shooting game.

Both guys asked me whether Astrofighter.Net is influenced by Subspace and at the moment it isn't. In fact, there is no influence from any particular space shooting game and I have deliberately not researched any "competition" as I didn't want it to cloud my ideas for Astrofighter.Net.

Due to the nature of my game, and in comparison to Subspace, there will probably be less players on a server in Astrofighter.Net. I will, however, based on how much I can optimize the networking code allow for as many players as possible. My current goal is 16-32 players and since I use rigidbody physics (instead of simply moving objects using velocity and direction) the game uses a fair amount of bandwidth.

I now have most aspects of Astrofighter.Net sorted out in my mind so it's mainly a matter of making it happen. This is a one man show and I do the development, 2D graphics, 3D objects, textures, music, sound effects, and web development by my self so it'll take some time.

Feel free to contact me if you think there are "must-have" features in a game like this. I will consider any input I get, but be aware that I may not necessarily be able to (or want to) implement them =)