I was told off today and rightly so! My son has been in daycare for two weeks now and "I STILL hadn't sewn his doll" one of the staff reminded me in a friendly but firm manner.

All the kids have dolls that their parents make for them in case they need comforting. They can also be used when resolving conflicts between children where they act / replay an event using their little dolls.

Me? I'm convinced it's a voodoo doll!! Since I'm the one who sewed it I'm sure my son will be able to inflict great pain even when he's at daycare.

Anyway, I had to give the doll full priority tonight and sewing isn't one of my strong skills. I just finished it now and I hope he forgives as he will probably have the plainest looking doll of all children. I overheard the mothers discussing the dolls last week. It was all about fashion, choice of fabric, what accessories to make them, and so forth. To make up for the lack of detail I gave the doll a superhero cape (and some awesome superhero powers.)

[caption id="attachment_413" align="alignright" width="620" caption="Superhero doll"][/caption]