I just released a new calm track with 4 additional loop variations. You can listen to all variations in full length on the Discovery of Planet X page for Imphenzia Soundtrack.

If you are into developing games, especially indie games, my library of royalty free music may be of interest to you. I continuously add new tracks to the library and they are very competitively priced (range is usually $5 - $50 and remember - royalty free.)

Until July 1st 2012 you can also use the discount coupon code IMPHENZIABLOG and get 20% off all the prices. To save you from looking you can use this link to get straight to where you enter the coupon code. Prices will update in real time to reflect the discount.

Oh - and about Discovery of Planet X in particular: It is a relaxing space theme featuring a spacious intro with layers of pads. A beautiful melody builds up in layers until it reaches a climax with piano and an electric guitar lead.

It may be suitable for space games, adventures, puzzles, real time strategy (RTS) games for uneventful early buildup stages, or for game over / credits / menu / highscores music for any game genre.

Hope you enjoy the new release.