UPDATE: This track has been removed from SoundCloud - you can still get it from http://music.imphenzia.com.

Christmas won't stop me - welcome to my complete 1 track per day #Imphenzia release marathon. Every day until I run out of tracks I will release one of my tracks as a free download and write some history behind it.

If you like my music, if you want to support it, and if you don’t want to wait for the entire marathon to finish – you can download all my music as MP3 and FLAC files from http://music.imphenzia.com for what you think it is worth ($2 – $50) – there are 109 tracks to grab =)

The year was 2008 and 24th of January I released a remix of the C64 track "The Fallen" by Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid). It's a fast paced track with a duration of 4:46 featuring my normal sound but different tempo, beat and melody as it's based on someone else's original work. The track maintains a fast pace and then throws a curve ball at 3:22 as it enters an offbeat part.

I released The Fallen on Remix64.com where it received decent feedback and ratings. I haven't made many C64 remixes before but this is the best and most polished one. If I get around to it I may do some more remixes in the future. This track will permanently be available for download on remix64.com.

You can follow me and the rest of this track release marathon on twitter: @Imphenzia